This is the formula for exploring invisible codes, particularly the function of art and artistic role models in late capitalism. Viola Kamp works as a double of Silvia Beck.

Being part of the system and trying to crack it’s fixation simultaneously, Silvia Beck constructs double identities and invents new possibilities. Her narratives of undercover agents and super artists are blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality. Beck’s work focuses on the structures and mechanisms of power systems in culture and society by using humor and reduced gravity as means of expression.
In both text and imagery she works with a variety of media – such as video, performance, sound and photography. Her interdisciplinary practice always engages with the exhibition space in the form of site specific configurations and arrangements.

Based in Berlin her work has been exhibited in numerous international solo and group exhibitions including the projects Global Loop (2000-2004), Komplex 200X (2006-2009), Superlabel (2011-2014), Golden Shot (2013-2014) and Secret Report to the Headquarters (work in progress).

c/o Silvia Beck

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Wie hatten wir glauben können, dass unser Spiel anderen Regeln folgte als denen des Systems, in dem wir uns bewegten … Wie konnten wir nur übersehen, dass wir selbst bis in die letzte Faser von Konkurrenz- und Leistungskultur durchtränkt waren, süchtig nach Belohnung und Anerkennung?

silvia Beck, spiel der Angst – vonhundert, berlin 5/2015

„Of all the specific freedoms that come to mind when we hear the word freedom, freedom of movement is not only historically the oldest, but also the most elementary; being able to set out wherever one wants is the most primal gesture of being free, just as, conversely, the restriction of freedom of movement has always been the precondition for enslavement

Hannah Arendt, People in Dark Times, 2014 (1968)EVENING OF THE DAMN.

no, without the greatest inner serenity I could never have escaped